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  1. Lupi and Hagrid look great!-can’t wait to see puppy pics added to the mix!

  2. We can’t wait until Lupi and Hagrid’s litter arrives!

    I’ve contacted many Texas Mastiff breaders and hands down I feel the most comfortable with you both. I will be in touch within the next few months.

    Thank you,


  3. Love the Carooms! These guys are a Texas English Mastiff breeder who honestly cares about the breed.

    I spoke to many Texas breeders and this couple really has the spread and heart for this amazing breed. Can’t wait to see what you guys bring to Texas.

    Hopefully Hagrid and Lupi have their first litter soon:) We’ll be ready to sign up on that waitlist.

    Thank you,

    John Arbunckle

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